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About Us

Robert and Paula Malone have been collaborating to deliver the Gospel for over forty years. Their work and ministry have taken them from the smallest towns of rural America to the pyramids in Giza. As ministers, they are able to encourage pastors and church staff, guide nonbelievers to Christ, and train new leaders in churches all over the world.

Mark 16:15 – He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Our Mission Statement

Robert Malone Ministries serves to teach the church, facilitate community, and guide individuals on their separate journeys to Christ. By sharing knowledge about the Bible, encouraging new and seasoned believers, and teaching the power of prayer, Robert and Paula desire to see others find spiritual growth in their lives which enables them to do the work of the ministry and enrich the Kingdom of God.

Ministry History

Robert and Paula began as evangelists in 1976 and traveled preaching the gospel for 17 years. In 1990 they moved from their home of Mobile, Alabama to Kansas City, Kansas where they have remained. For many years Robert served as Associate Pastor at a large church in Kansas City, then in 1999 began what is now known as Robert Malone Ministries. The ministry now has expanded to include Prayer School. While location and methods have changed, Robert Malone remains a Minister of the Gospel.

Current Missions

Everyday is seen as an opportunity to “go into all the world” and proclaim the great news of the Gospel. RMM is currently involved in the study and development of powerful yet user friendly resources with the purpose of “maturing saints and making disciples”. RMM has a simple goal of educating and inspiring Christians to become students of the Word and Prayer. The Great Commission requires Great Commitment. A commitment to Knowing, Praying and Obeying the Word!

Future Vision

RMM’s founder Robert Malone leads the ministry by the streamlined vision of: Getting the Word out to Everyone, Everywhere, Every way, Everyday! Immediate plans are underway to expand our circumference of ministry by upgrading and updating our website, making Prayer School classes available online as well as available resources for downloading. 44 years of ministry material will be reformatted for the website and then made available to ministries around the world. “Faith begins where the will of God is known” is the statement that guides RMM into the future. As we seek God for His plan and provision for the coming years we see an expansion of outreach in our local and world community. No individual is too small or no endeavor too big so as to be outside the scope of Everyone, everywhere, everyday, in every way!