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Robert Malone

Robert Malone Ministries Founder and Prayer School Teacher

Born in Mobile, Alabama, in a small house at the end of a dirt road, following God’s plan has taken Robert thousands of miles from his roots. At a young age, Robert felt the call to preach and became a traveling evangelist with his wife, Paula. When their children were born, they stepped into a pastoral role and Robert Malone Ministries was born to inspire and teach others of the hope that is in Christ.


The great commission was to go into every man’s world and I think that’s the call of the church today. The greatest need for the ministry today is to bring hope – to keep hope alive. We live with that challenge every day.

Paula Malone

Prayer School Founder and Teacher

Paula is a wife, mother of two, friend, teacher, vocalist, musician and author. She is the founder of Prayer School and co-teaches with Robert in their weekly classes. She is the link between the business and mission of RMM. Paula is passion about about her mandate to educate and motivate believers to stay “in the Word and on your knees.”


Being a part of Robert Malone Ministries and Paula Malone Prayer School is the most fulfilling and purposeful assignment I could ever hope for. Prayer is my passion and this ministry appreciates and embraces my vision.

Don Campbell

Operations Manager for Robert Malone Ministry

After moving from Arizona, Don and his wife felt called to volunteer for the ministry. He started off edging the sidewalks and now Don is the chief decision- maker when it comes to daily operations of RMM. From creating prayer guides and ministry literature, to cleaning up after Prayer School, Don is a vital part of our team.


As part of the ministry, it’s my desire to touch the lives of as many people as we can. If you want your walk with the Lord to increase, and if you want a preaching of the Word that’s not watered-down, this is the place to be.

Sandi Campbell

Financial Manager and Personal Assistant to Robert Malone

The gift of service and a numbers-savvy mind makes Sandi a vital part of RMM. Around 2013, Sandi and her husband felt the call to assist Paula and Robert. They started cleaning and gradually grew to be pillars within the ministry. Sandi is passionate about missions and living like Jesus by serving others.


What I love most about this ministry is Robert and Paula’s heart for the Lord. They are sold out to God and they walk out what they teach.

Rita Reyes

Personal Assistant to Paula Malone

Rita met Paula when they sang in choir together. She was amazed by Paula’s life of prayer, so Rita sent an email saying, “you need to teach me how to pray!” Soon enough, Prayer School was founded and Rita has been involved ever since. As Paula’s right-hand assistant she helps with everything from personal correspondence, to organizational spreadsheets.


I see the heart for God and this ministry’s love for people and it’s like a magnet. I know their heart is true and they walk the talk. I want to be a part of that.

Diana Kroeker

Editor and Resource Manager

Having worked as a microbiologist and in sales, Diana is an expert when it comes to organization. Through her blind eldest son, she has learned to trust God through everything. “Where there’s deep trust in God, there’s deep peace,” she says, and the community she has found through Robert Malone Ministries encourages her and helps her live in fellowship with God.


The theme of being in the Word and on your knees resonates with me. Christians are supposed to live in fellowship with God, and it’s wonderful to have this community that encourages me.